JetBoil Advice for Cold Mornings

I love the JetBoil flash. If you are not familiar with it, this little stove boils a couple of cups of water in a few minutes. Great for coffee, tea, and instant meals that need boiling water. Just remember to keep the fuel canister warm.
Leave the fuel outside on a cold night and you will not have hot coffee in the morning. To avoid this, put the cannister in your sleeping bag and your body heat will keep it warm. You can also, put it under you arm pit a minutes to warm it up. Works everytime!

KLX400 Riding Hemmingway Butte

This was my first off road ride for the 2017 season. The Little Green Monster, my KLX400 performed flawlessly. I started off slow but.improved as the day went on. 

Near the end of this clip, I missed a shift climbing a rocky hill and laid the bike down. It was a struggle to get it up again. Then I backed down the hill a little and mistakenly positioned myself on the downhill (wrong) side of the bike. Like I said, it was a bit of a struggle, but stubborn determination won out and I eventually got going again.

At the end of the day, I was tired, the bike was filthy and it felt great to be out riding again. I love riding Little Green, the bike handles everything I throw at it and makes me look like a better rider! 

BMW R1200 GS on Utah Ride: Drinks Canyon to Arches National Park

This video starts with me leaving the Drinks Canyon campground a few miles outside of Moab, Utah. It was a beautiful October day riding Highway 128 along the Colorado River. Just outside of Moab, is the intersection with US-191. A right turn here takes you straight to Arches National Park which was my destination for the day.

KLX400 Mountain Road Ride

Some people call it a Green DRZ, but to me it is the Kawasaki KLX400. This video is part of a ride through the mountains leaving the haunted "almost" ghost town of Silver City, Idaho. This former mining town has been featured on several popular ghost hunting/paranormal TV shows.

Kayak On Indian Creek

Here are some highlights of paddling my Ocean Kayak Scrambler on Indian Creek. This local stream is fed by a mountain reservoir, so there is water to play all summer long. I really love this creek, its mix of rocks and rapids separated by calm, quiet, pools are great for paddling and drifting. The perfect way to stay cool on a hot day. 

BMW R1200 GS Riding Epic Idaho Highway 55

Batman v Superman Got It Right

Ben Affleck was awesome in "Batman v Superman." His Bruce Wayne was suave, brilliant, and brooding. His Batman was brooding, dark, and violent. He totally nailed the character. Still, many critics complained, "Batman does not use guns" and "Batman does not kill." Neither complaint is valid, if you remember Batman's movie history.

The 1989 movie "Batman" with Michael Keaton was popular with critics and movie goers. In this hit movie, Batman used a number of guns and killed a few criminals in his quest to stop the Joker from terrorizing Gotham City. It's not my favorite movie, but director Tim Burton got a lot of things right.

In one scene, our hero used the Batmobile's machine guns to blast his way into the Joker's lair. Once inside, the Joker's thugs swarmed around the car firing every gun imaginable. Batman did not return fire, but used explosives that blew the building apart. Needless to say, this killed many of the Joker's gang.

Later, Batman used the Batwing (bat-plane) machine guns to strafe, as well as bomb the Joker on the street below. The Joker survived, but several of his henchmen were killed or wounded in Batman's attack. A lot of civilians were on the street in this scene, and some of them could have been hit, but this was not shown.

In a silly scene, the Joker shot down Batman who then fought his way through the Joker's men on his way up the Gotham Cathedral tower stairs to confront the Joker. During his battle up of the long, winding staircase, Batman purposely tossed a thug off of a platform and the man fell to his death.

In their final confrontation, Batman tells the Joker, "I am going to kill you," and soon after, is responsible for the Joker's climactic fatal fall. With all of the guns, bombs, explosions, and killing, the movie was a hit and led to the sequel, "Batman Returns."

Fast forward to today's critics whining that Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck goofed. Do your homework and see a few more movies! Batman has a long history as a dark and brutal character and the fans like him that way. "Batman v Superman" got it right.